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 You guys have inspired me to list this DIY outfit as a set, because you loved my live DIY demonstration on my Instagram! Video Instructions on how to make this fit are in my Instagram under six-figure stripper highlights! 

What’s included:

-ONE pair of crystallized fishnet tights

-One Pair of Pasties of choice

-One Thong of choice!


INSTRUCTIONS: Using sharp scissors, cut straight across the thighs, about 5 inches below the crotch when lying flat on a surface. 

Next, cut the “feet” off the bottoms of the “legs.”

Feet go bye-bye! Trash...

You should be left with a beautiful pair of biker-esque shorts, and two tubes. These tubes can be used as sleeves if trimmed again, or extra cuffs/choker, etc...

Lets focus on completing an outfit! Cut the tubes down the center as neatly as possible. You may need to insert your hand or arm to cut more efficiently without making mistakes. Once you have 2 rectangles, tie 3 corners using slip knots, and tie your front pieces using shoestring bows. ALL DONE!  With the exception of the pasties, this outfit can be worn dozens of times! 



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