What's Included In the New Striptea Library

1. 5 LEGAL ALTERNATIVES TO DANCING - Not everyone is meant to be a dancer, but the great news is that there are so many other lucrative paths for you to use your beauty, charm, and personality to make extra income! This striptea recording highlights the pros and cons of the other avenues in the adult industry!

2. ANXIETY BE GONE - This Striptea highlights a few techniques my therapist taught me to combat anxiety when in the club! If your club is frequently slow, or you have anxiety, this is a great recording for you. Try these tips, and tell that anxiety BUH BYE.

3. BE SAFE! PREPARE FOR THE WORST CASE SCENARIOS - Secure your bag and be alert of possible exit strategies for the worst-case scenarios! Unfortunately, everyone in the club doesn't have the best intentions, and alcohol, drugs, and general tension can affect your ability to make money...Especially when you have to constantly watch your back. Stay safe in a new environment, or in your current club with these tips! 

4. BECOME A MASTER AT MIND F*CKING - All about the brain and what causes us to "flip our lids!" This is important for us to understand, as there are unintended consequences of letting our sympathetic system take over too often. The good news is that learning WHY you may experience the stress of anxiety may actually help relieve it as well! While on the subject of the brain, we also talk about ways to sexually stimulate a customer WITHOUT fucking him!

5. BUDGETING FOR STRIPPERS - The FRAMEWORK that you as a cash business should have! We will be talking about sole proprietorships versus incorporating yourself as well! This recording comes with a worksheet for you to follow along and complete! (Find this under "Freebie & Resources" tab)

6. DON'T BE A BROKE B*TCH - This is a best selling recording! Did you know that recording your earnings in correlation to your mood can help you work smarter, and actually make more money? Conduct the right field research, so you know when you should be working, resting, and playing! This recording is perfect for those who ask themselves every month "Where the hell does my money go?"

7. EAT LIKE AN ATHLETE - THE BEST dieting practices! If you have ever wanted to improve your overall health through nutritional wellness, you don't want to miss out on this tea! Learn what I eat, why it works, and how to actually adopt new plant-based recipes.

8. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PLANNING - My car accident story: what I did wrong, what I wasn't prepared for, what you can do right...This tea highlights tips you can use to avoid a financial or situational crisis!

9. FINDING THE FLOW IN YOUR CLUB - You just got to work, don't burn yourself out by exhausting every customer so quickly! Learn to identify the ebbs and flows of your club so that you can actually know when to work, when to rest, and when to go on stage!

10. FOUR TIPS TO MANIFEST OPPORTUNITY - How do you identify an opportunity or even learn to create your own? This tea is perfect for ANYONE who wants to actively create or capitalize on an opportunity in any arena! I've also included steps to my super zen brainstorming/manifestation ritual in this recording!

11. GET IN THE ZONE FAST AT WORK - How long should it take you to warm up on the floor? This Striptea recording highlights some ways to fast track your warm-up process so that you can get into the work zone faster!

12. HOW TO GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM - INSTAGRAM GROWTH 101 WILL HIGHLIGHT TIPS THAT ARE NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE INTERNET (I checked): -How to grow your page -Community Guidelines  -Helpful Tips to get Followers Faster -Convert followers into CUSTOMERS -What to do to AVOID DELETION

13. HOW TO HANDLE BULLIES & STRIPCLUB DRAMA -  How to handle bullies, threats, and drama while on and off the clock. You can’t let bullies win, but that doesn’t mean you have to stoop to their level and fight.

14. HOW TO HAVE STRIPPER ETIQUETTE - This is a must for any new dancer, and sometimes the old ones! Let's all make the strip club a little easier to survive by incorporating these tips when dealing with each other at work! 

15. HOW TO KEEP & GROW YOUR CLIENTELE - Every customer has a lifespan, but you can increase the longevity of the relationship with your customers with a bit of finesse and maturity!

16. HOW TO OFFER MORE WITHOUT OFFERING MORE - You ever hear those locker room stories about the girl who made $5000 off of one customer, so she MUST have given him more than what was on the menu...Right? Not always! Let the power of your finesse speak for itself with this recording!

17. HOW TO PLAN & STRUCTURE A WORK TRIP - Do you want to travel and dance, but don't know where to start? This is the recording for you. Of course, I don't advise this to beginner dancers, but for those who already have at least a four months in the game, traveling is a great way to diversify your skill, and enjoy a nice mini-vacation!

18. HOW TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS IN THE ADULT INDUSTRY - You want to enter the adult industry (or continue), but you don’t want anyone else to know! This recording highlights a few best practices to maintain your anonymity while dancing, doing porn, web camming, etc. If anonymity is your biggest concern, THIS RECORDING IS FOR YOU!

19. HOW TO STRUCTURE YOUR RESUME - This Strip Tea is all about techniques that allow you to showcase your skills in the workforce as a dancer! I've also attached some sample resumes that I refer to in the recording. 

Find these under "Freebies & Resources"

20. INSTAGRAM HACKS FOR ADULT ENTERTAINERS - Social media marketing is hard work, so it’s always extremely traumatizing went all of your work goes down the drain and your page gets deleted! This recording covers:
1. Tips on growing your following!
2. Tips to AVOID deletion
3. What to do if your page is deleted
4. Adult industry (and cannabis) verbiage for social media
5. Best social media practices used by successful influencers including myself!

21. JUMPSTART YOUR RETIREMENT - This striptea recording highlights 5 pivotal things that you can to retire from the club faster!!!! If being a career stripper was NEVER your goal, this tea is for you! We are going to discuss tasks that you can incorporate in your daily life that will help get you out of the club infinitely faster!!! 

22. MINIMIZE BAD NIGHTS -  Is it your attitude, or is it just a bad night?? This strip tea recording covers the many ways you can actually get rid of those bad nights. It's true, you can't rob a bank every night. However, you can hit a lick daily!

23. MONEY MANIFESTATION FOR REAL - Get rid of that guilt that limits you from making money! Establish healthy beliefs about money, and make more of it with this recording!


25. RECLAIM YOUR POWER IN THE CLUB -  The strip club can be one of the most toxic work environments. Customers are judgemental, fellow colleagues are inconsiderate. It can be difficult to maintain a sense of willpower and sanity! Use tips from this recording to unleash your personal power in the club. Avoid burnout and keep level headed knowing that youre still the sh*t, even after a sh*tty night.

26. SMALL DETAILS THAT MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE -  A best selling striptea recording! This recording focuses on those small details that may not cost you anything, but will make a WORLD of a difference when being seductive, and closing the deal! 

27. SNEAKY MARKETING TIPS TO GROW CLIENTELE - This Striptea covers the art of filling your pipeline!

- Seed planting for gathering leads (getting new customers)
- Planting “the seed” of your exit strategy/ outside business interests 
- One sneaky marketing tip to attract ideal customers and get on their radar!

28. STRIPPER BAG MUST HAVES - This Striptea recording highlights the essentials you should always have in your work bag, as well as your money bag/purse you carry on the floor! Organize your tools for success, while never leaving a thing behind!

29. STRIPPER STYLE: BECOME A FANTASY GIRL - This Striptea highlights a few character profiles determined by your body type and natural energy! Polish your look by trying one out! I'd even encourage you to create a pinterest board after listening to this recording. This will keep you inspired to really embody a fantasy through your look and presentation!

30. THE ART OF POLITICKING - We all hate the club politics, yet they are difficult to get away from. This recording covers different ways to leverage your value inside and out of the club. Eliminate the possibility of being a disposable dancer with this hour-long live call full of tea! It's so much easier to work when the managers are on your side!!

31. THREE TIPS TO INCREASE YOUR CONFIDENCE - So many women struggle with self-confidence! Fortunately, confidence in and out of the club is something that can be attained through a series of small actions and habits! 

32. TRAVEL & WORK LIKE A VETERAN - How to travel, and actually profit! How long is too long to be somewhere? Where should you stay? What happens if you don't get hired at your preferred club?

33. URBAN CLUBS VS GENTLEMEN'S CLUBS - Which type of club format is best for you? Maybe you’ve tried urban clubs, but you are curious to know if you could be making more money in a gentlemen’s club environment. Maybe it’s the opposite. This tea compares and contrasts the two formats in the areas of dancer prototype, stage and floor dancing, and more!

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