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Promo Help

How to Invite a Potential Customer to the Club Through Text! 

*Send charming selfie first* Hey babe, it’s (insert name) from (insert initial meeting place). You crossed my mind and I wanted to know if you’d be down to have drinks with me tomorrow or sometime this week at (insert club)? We can catch up from last time!  Objections: Customer wants to meet, but somewhere else outside the club. Solution A: Well, to be honest, I kinda wanted you to see me dressed up sexy. Please come and have just ONE drink with me? You’ll love the (insert adjective) vibe.Only try this after option A fails, but he's a great catch!Solution B: Pick a place for drinks that you feel comfortable with, maybe even the same place you met them. Then say this:Ok, how about this? I’ll go with you to (insert chosen place) if you promise to join me at (insert club) afterward!

Secure The Bag




Course Highlights

-Transform your entertainer style, persona, and performance with specialized hacks for the club!

-Feel more confident selling expensive dances and experiences to your customers. You have so much to offer!

-Brainstorm possible exit strategies that cater to your interests. Learn how to make your money work for you! 

-22 video modules that include playlists featuring your Stripper Fairy Godmother, Ninadoesitall, as well as other industry experts. Prepare to learn through funny, helpful, and up to date videos!


Financial Management

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Stripper Etiquette

10 Stripper Commandments

1. Thou shall refrain from wearing body lotions or oils while in the club. Avoid excessive glitter and shedding materials.

2. Thou shall uphold thy image. Hair, toes,  nails, outfits, and physique are to be upheld at all times to increase the value of both the dancer and the club. 

3.  Honor the dancers occupying the table. Thou shall wait thy turn to service the table!

4.  Thou shall be transparent with the customer! Always disclose prices before you start dancing. 

5.  Thou shall pull thy weight! When the first dollar hits the floor that dancer has initiated the rain. If the other girls in the section want to secure their slice of the pie, they must facilitate rain from a different customer in the same section, until dancers agree to rotate.

6.  Couples in a “date” setting shall be treated as a unit, unless they desire multiple dancers.

7.  Thou shall never engage in fellatio with customers! Full-service entertainers shall never use the club as a recruiting ground for outside business. 

8.  Thou shall never leave a group pile until all money is bagged and safely handed off. In the event that a dancer wants to leave the section prematurely, the entire bag will start over without her, and she will receive the pay that she was present for.

9.  Never argue in front of customers!

10.  Thou Shall CONTROL Thy Liquor & Substance Use!!!!