Size Guide

1. Polish Your Style: The Glow Up

Transform your entertainer style, persona, and performance with specialized hacks for the club! Receive first-hand tips and detailed explanations behind why certain outfits, hairstyles, and jewelry can affect your income.

2. Master the Art of Finesse

You're standing right in front of quality clientele, but you don't know what to say to break the ice. This course is perfect for those who strive to remain memorable in a room full of competition! 

  • Say The Magic Words

    Build trust with your customers quickly through effective communication. Learn what to say and how to say it! There are no scripts to memorize, this course teaches the art of charm 101!

  • Keep Him Coming Back

    Keep quality clientele as repeat business by providing them with a unique and fulfilling experience every time!

3. Become Financially Confident

Feel more confident selling expensive dances and experiences to your customers. You have so much to offer! In addition, brainstorm possible exit strategies that cater to your interests. Learn how to make your money work for you! 


How does the course work?

There are 22 video modules that include playlists featuring your Stripper Fairy Godmother, Ninadoesitall, as well as other industry experts. Prepare to learn through funny, helpful, and up-to-date videos! Supplement your courses with Nina's included reading suggestions for an optimal learning experience! They don't teach these things in school!

What will I learn with this course?

This course is designed to help you learn at your leisure. It's recommended that you take this course (5 days) over two weeks, to allow time to practice the techniques and assess how they are working for you in the club.

Day One:

-A curated beauty & fitness playlist

-Multiple curated playlists of practice music

Day Two:

-3 of 5 Steps to "Securing The Bag"

-Curated playlists that cover goal setting & budgeting

Day Three:

-Steps 4 & 5 to "Securing the Bag"

-"Urban" club tips

Day Four:

-Overcoming objections

-Sticky questions

-Building clientele


-Other money-making tips!

Day Five:

-Exit Strategy lesson

-Curated playlist on Investing & Lifestyle

-8 Best Selling Striptea Recordings to continue your learning!

What if I'm not a stripper YET?

That's ok! Check out the "So You Wanna Be A Stripper" Q&A recording. Once you've done that and you've been hired by a club, you'll be ready for 6 Figure Stripper School!

What If I've been dancing a very long time?

Welcome veteran! This course is going to help sharpen those tools you already have while adding a few extra tips you probably didn't know! If you're wanting to level up all around, you can't go wrong with this course.

Please allow 24 hours for enrollment! You will receive an email with your access information, which never expires! Also, MAKE SURE THAT YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS IS CORRECT. YOU WILL RECEIVE A MONEYBAG OR LASHES AS PROOF OF PURCHASE!! Good luck!