3 Secrets To Securing Nightshift At A Strip Club

December 17, 2020

3 Secrets To Securing Nightshift At A Strip Club

Ready to get hired for nightshift at your favorite strip club? Here is a huge tip: Ladies, it has nothing to do with pole tricks or twerk moves!!! That is if you're auditioning at a traditional gentlemen's club. if you're at an urban club or some other non-traditional format strip club, there are different rules! However, when you're at a club like the Spearmint Rhino or Ricks Caberet, the single largest factor for getting hired for the NIGHT SHIFT is HOW SEXY AND SEDUCTIVE IS SHE?

Here are three other skills you that would make you a triple threat in the strip club:
1) Are you sexy and seductive?

2) Can you sell rooms, bottles, or bring customers?

3) Do you have a personal brand, online presence, or independent client base?

Now let's talk about the day shift!! Day shift literally means "You are cute, so I'm going to let you work, but tighten up." It means you have POTENTIAL. So show your Stripclub superiors what you are really working with overtime! Whether that means polishing your dance and sales skills, losing some weight (let's be real), or enhancing your look in other ways. Realistically, this is an image-based industry, and we all know where we lie on the spectrum of our prospective markets! Use this scale to grow and evolve! Of course, the money will follow!


For more tips on getting hired, check out this recording!

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